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Objective of Department

The main objectives of the department:

  • Protection of Forest Land.
  • Protection, Conservation and Development of Natural Forests.
  • Expanding Forest and Tree Cover.
  • Supply of Timber and Other Wood Based Produce.
  • Management of Concessions.
  • Meeting Domestic Fodder and Firewood Requirements.
  • Cultivation of medicinal plants and tree species on non-forest lands and private lands. Handling, processing, transportation and marketing of medicinal plants and related products.
  • Biodiversity Conservation in natural forests and habitats, the rich genetic resource base of the State.
  • Eco-Tourism and Nature Tourism Jammu and Kashmir for ecologically sustainable tourism with livelihood opportunities for local communities.
  • Participatory Forest Management and Forestry Extension.
  • Revenue Generation.
  • Forestry Research.
  • Development of Infrastructure and Human Resources.
  • Resolution of Inter-Sectoral Conflicts for Forests.