Order No. & Date Subject
233-FST of 2017
Dt. 22-09-2017
Transfer and Posting
230-FST of 2017
Dt. 20-09-2017
Delegation of DDO Powers to the I/c Zoo (Additional Wildlife Warden)
223-FST of 2017
Dt. 14-09-2017
Promotion/Regularization of I/c ACFs (WL) as ACF (WL) and Range Officer- II (WL) as Range Officer - I (WL)
214-FST of 2017
Dt. 13-09-2017
Transfer/Posting of Forest Officers
213-FST of 2017
Dt. 13-09-2017
Posting of Law Officer - Internal Arrangement thereof.
212-FST of 2017
Dt. 13-09-2017
Regularization of I/c ACFs (General) as ACFs (General)
209-FST of 2017
Dt. 07-09-2017
Transfer/Posting of Forest Officers
200-FST of 2017
Dt. 22-08-2017
Constitution of Biodiversity Management Committees
199-FST of 2017
Dt. 18-08-2017
Release of non-functional selection grade in favour of IFS Officers
189-FST of 2017
Dt. 31-07-2017
Constitution of Contract Committees
27-FST of 2017
Dt. 27-02-2017
Transfer/ Posting of Forest Officers
07-FST of 2017
Dt. 27-01-2017
Transfer/ Posting of Forest Officers