The Forest Department came into existence in Jammu and Kashmir in 1881 when JC McDonell was appointed the first ever Conservator of Forests of Jammu and Kashmir. He started the process of consolidation and demarcation of forests. In 1923, H L Wright was appointed as the first Chief Conservator of Forests.

The main objectives of the Department are:-


  • Protection of Forest Land.

  • Protection, Conservation and Development of Natural Forests.

  • Expanding Forest and Tree Cover.

  • Supply of Timber and Other Wood Based Produce.

  • Management of Concessions.

  • Meeting Domestic Fodder and Firewood Requirements.

  • Cultivation of medicinal plants and tree species on non-forest lands and private lands. Handling, processing, transportation and marketing of medicinal plants and related products.

  • Biodiversity Conservation in natural forests and habitats, conserving the rich genetic resource base of the State.

  • Participatory Forest Management and Forestry Extension.

  • Revenue Generation.

  • Forestry Research.

  • Development of Infrastructure and Human Resources.

  • Resolution of Inter-Sectoral Conflicts for Forests.